4 lazy reasons to become zero waste

The first word people associate with zero waste is: effort. 

Zero waste does sounds like a lot of work and, yes, it does take some lifestyle changes. However, once you’ve got your zero waste habits in place, you get to say goodbye to sooo0 many other  annoying things. Such as? Let me list them for you.

Less grocery shopping trips

Zero Waste can give you that anti-social life you’ve been looking for. No more avoiding eye contact with cashiers and walking down the aisles with a loss look on your face. Bulk shopping means less plastic packaging, but it also entails less grocery shopping trips. If you’re anything like me you’ll use that extra time to do something completely useless, but, hey, still worth it, right? 

Less rubbish

Just writing about it makes my face cringe. You can’t stop doing the least favorite thing ever, but you sure can delay it. Less waste means less trips to the bin while pinching your nose and holding a giant bag of oozing things at arm’s length. The worst part of doing the bins: hurling the bag into the communal bins because I am short AF.


Less tidying and organizing

While you do have to make more space for bulk products, going zero waste means bringing less s**t into your home. No more impulse shopping. Now, THAT is bound to have a positive effect on your space. Assign a dedicated place for your bulk foods and toiletries and ban the rest..

Less broke-ass-ness

Think of all the lazy hotel holidays you’ll be able to have now that your money is no longer going into “one more” pair of shoes from Aldo.  At the end of the day, the cost of cheap Boohoo tops and takeaways add up. You can use that money on an experience instead. I mean if you’re a millennial, society says you have to.

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